Horny mindspace

 Altgough living light years from keen interests theres always a bloke tgat come along in mind anyway 😂👅👅 though as we get older there might be less blokes coming along of course some blokes are not so age limiting 😂 thankfully.. yet im not even 50 yet but feel too old for some 

Its a funny old old world theres this guy in berlin i fancied about 2 years write to him on romeo or maybe i only cruised him i dint know know maybe i did writr cannot fucking remember only he didnt reply fuck noooooooo 😂 its aweful fancying someone only tey cannot fancy you back!! 

Maybe its from my not getting the torment i need alot  thst just makes me wild … yes i really like this guy we seem to be on the same oage in the same sand m book in the same sm library just not the same city 😂 though travelling not a problem.. i personally am a little bit Our kind of sex ‘starved’ 

So to speak maybe not getting it every weekend of every month or ever almost year just makes it wilder maybe!!

And when that monent that sesion or that weekend comes along total control yeah fantasize about that too much full spectrum an agrreement set in stone to be his completely for the night or weekend no way out little to no mercy… though no mercy is a fantasy dangerous to give to the wring person  but with the right chemistry and the right person such a famtasy would be wild some wildness i need probably too much for someone inless tgey too are full spectrum.. its aweful being horny lol a vast ticked list of interests so hard hard to find compatibility nice to fantasize about!! 

Such fantasy arised when i was a glory hole of course no such heavy cbt cam in thst hole tbat anonymous person hidden on the other side was just too gentle aaaaaaagh … wheres the rooe wheres the paddle wheres the vac pum and electro .. fuck 

I just want to meet tat one person i can give absolute control to and he knowing everything im into just be wild with me might only be the night or two 👅👅👅   Anywhoo maybe im talking shit  maybe im too excited fucking hell!!! Anyways even though im writigthis on my blog maybe it wont be on my blog just whsts app to he,him, you 😂 im soory i might write too much  to you im trying to write not much to drive you away i think i have a problem lol 

Too rough or not rough enough for you yet i fantasize of givigyou complete control i would not di give that with everyone..