Horny fukka needs a horny fukka

Its hard to find that someone who just flicks all the right buttons, but they are out there....


Ball beating device

In every dungeon such a device should be available Something so simple in design with very effective result a simple motor, the control vial a dial I suppose turning the dial makes the spin faster and simple paddle that's flexible thwacking those trapped NUTS it levels of pain and pleasure.. certainly a CUM maker in my crutch Im such a slut that way :P


Captive Desire

Giving up control freely, although I desire he just takes my control away.. He comes at night sneaking into my room I don't hear him with my deafening headphones on the track playing is a mash up binaural beats of the You tube 'theta realms' kind the mash up part was the added erotic dungeon sounds that trigger a response in my dick and balls, especially as I added the E-stim rings at the base and closest point of my corona, id wrapped my dick and electrode in bandage and used rope tied around my cock and balls like a tight cock ring, the rope circling and spiralling up my dick with tightness my hard dick is force harder swelling and crushing its self agains the electro rings, the rope reaches the point of the cack head ring forcing it tightly closer to my corona, the stimulation delivered was at a high point but enough i could take it only the sensation was at the point of feeling if i had it on too long it made me cum eventually, it was just weak enough for prolonged torment, a estim equivalent of edging, only there was no pauses or stopping, I had already restrained my ankle apart the thigh cuffs was spread but i wished id of tighten them before i had lock my wrists to the time release locks, there was no escape at least for an hour or at most three hours.
Trapped edged by technology I could only use my mind to stop my self from ejaculating..
the blindfold i was wearing was padded and comfortably tight in place there was no way that was coming off anytime soon i sunk into darkness my dick raging and being stimulated, the sounds in my ears trapped me in an altered state the dungeon sounds added to the torment as my cock and balls responded often to certain sounds.
after about an hour i had near cum a few times but managed to keep that at bay, only the sensation around my dick seemed to be increasing that I almost did cum as I knew I wouldn't be able to turn off the device if I had cum!
I started to imagine someone was in the room and this just made me even more horny, it was then i felt my thighs spread tighter apart, they spread as far as the could be, the made my lower body immobile, and then i felt a hand around my balls, it was a gentle grip at first fingers and palm caged my bollocks and slowly tightened, the tension didn't weaken or slow down or pause it was a continuous slow pressure that just grew tighter and tighter until the pain sunk in, and more pain as my balls felt like they were being crushed to nothing, and then it stopped, a slight paused moment before a punch was delivered, i tried to thrash about only my legs refused to move and close.
I tried to move my upper body with little success but he soon put a stop to that as he jump on top of me pinning my arms down with his thighs, giving me a few slaps across the face.. he un restrained my wrist and re-secured them far apart roping the elbows making the bondage more immobile.
He turned up the E-stim slightly and then again until i was moaning out loud, the open mouth was quickly filled with a huge ball gag.
he switched the device from pulse to continuous, the sudden change felt like a force orgasm, only no ejaculation was coming, not when he pushed a urethral plug into my piss hole, and bandaged it in place, he then turned up the device much higher this time I thrashed what little i could which was much at all, i wanted to fuck the plug in my urethra , plug it deeper into my dick, it hurt a little,
it was ribbed and deep, and at the entrance of my dick it was thicker, a proper tight fit and trapped in place.
He seemed to do something with this plug as it started to buzz and vibrate through my dick, i could feel it deep in my dick i could feel a response in my ass.. which was only amplified with he lubed up my ass and inserted a prostate massager as soon as it hit the spot deep in my ass i knew i would orgasm soon, but with my dick plugged the trapped spunk would make my balls ache if i did try to cum!

Turning everything up one by one my ass, my dick plug, my dick in electro my balls were aching for release, i couldn't help my self but i orgasmed and thought I came only the pain in my balls felt like a base ball bat striking them, he continued to turn up the devices increasing the pain threshold as far as he desire, until i was orgasming almost continuous i thought id pass out, only he was sadistic and continued on and on and on, my balls hurt more and more I could of sworn a vice was crushing them flat.